Healthy Workplaces

We know that companies with happy and healthy employees increase employee job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover by 10-25%.

Statistics reveal that on average 4.4 days were lost per worker due to sickness absence and 42% of employees experienced at least one period of sickness absence last year.

At Healthy Dialogues we support companies who are looking for new and efficient approaches to promoting employee wellness and making positive changes in the workplace attitudes and environment.


How do we do this?

We support organisations to develop a holistic approach to employee health and wellbeing. We provide structured and bespoke strategies based on employee wellness assessments that look at physical and mental wellbeing needs and motivations.

We identify the sustainable approaches to implementing health and wellbeing, then support businesses to develop the tools and resources to implement and evaluate them.



  • Identifying key health areas to focus on in your business
  • Mini health checks
  • Accredited training for Workplace Champions
  • Signposting to free local & app-based support for a range of health initiatives including physical activity & stop smoking services
  • Tips, techniques & healthy living workshops to help with stress, wellbeing & better health
  • Planning the best course of action to gain London Healthy Workplace accreditation


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