Behaviour Change Strategy

Healthy Dialogues works with the public and voluntary sector to identify successful approaches and strategies that enable frontline workers, commissioners and researchers to operate more effectively and facilitate sustainable health benefits for populations and communities.

Expert consultants from Healthy Dialogues employ behaviour change principles and an analytical approach to co-develop strategies. We work across and within systems and organisations for local and regional transformation and change by establishing mechanisms for collaboration and sharing learning and resources for economies of scale.

We use evidence-based solutions to implement best practice and a bottom-up and top-down approach across staff groups and service users.

Our Approach

  • Defining the blue-sky ideals for transformation
  • Pulling together the evidence base to ensure well-informed and robust decision making
  • Transforming the blue-sky into an inclusive strategy that addresses local needs
  • Collective design of ground-breaking solutions using best practice and new collaborations
  • Clearly defined and achievable outputs and outcomes and mechanisms for a robust evaluation.

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