Behaviour Change Solutions for Health

Our Services

We offer a selection of consultancy services

Behaviour Change Strategy

We focus on collaboration to create and implement strategies that promote healthy conversations and positive behaviour change

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Training & Coaching

Support and training of frontline professionals on an array of Brief Intervention and behaviour change skills

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Deep-dive of a population's unique characteristics and needs

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Research & Evaluation

Drawing on a range of established research methodologies to provide evaluations for behaviour change services

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What is Behaviour Change?

Behaviour change is an umbrella term for a range of theories and approaches to understanding and influencing human behaviour.

The Healthy Dialogues team specialises in behaviour change with a focus on positive health outcomes for individuals, communities, teams and populations. We develop the tools and resources that enable people to effect positive changes for themselves.

Why Choose Healthy Dialogues?

Healthy Dialogues has a proven track record of success and we come with the following assurances:

Access to quality trainers and research professionals

Use of the most up-to-date and evidenced-based methodologies and techniques

Partnership working for positive solutions

Some of our previous clients include: